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We meet again this week to see thirteen tips together to win sports betting. So, these are tips that are, you’ll see, quite general, and that are valid in sports betting online for a few years, and will remain so for years to follow. Because it’s really the things you have to be careful about, both when you start and when you have a few years of experience behind you. So we’ll just list these thirteen tips, and if necessary we’ll explain,we’ll get a little more in the details.


The First Advice

So, the first advice we could give you. So, it’s not advice that will allow you to make money, but in any case it will allow you to. protect yourself personally. That we must.So, this first advice is that you do not have to bet the money you need to live. So it sounds logical like that, but there are a lot of people who get into the betting and who are overflowing, and who bet money they will miss to do their shopping, to pay their rent, etc. So all this is things you really need to do. Well, this is something you really need to be careful about, you really need to invest in bets only money that you can allow to lose, because the defeats exist and, in fact,when you have a bad series and you chained the losses , it can go very quickly, especially if you manage your money badly. The best options can be had with s128 now.

  • So the second thing is to manage your bets, and never to exceed 5% of your capital per bet. So if for example, you have a capital of 1000 €, do not put more than 50 € per bet, okay? Because simply, it is to preserve your capital, and it is to be able to always be in anticipation of a bad series to have the possibility to remake you behind naturally, without forcing things.
  • Then the third tip, it will always be to play the best odds for each of your bets, and for that, you have to use a odds comparator. So even if today you do not bet on bookmakers.com, you still have to take the reflex to be registered with different bookmakers, and always play at the one who offers you the best odds for the bet that you want to do.

Fourth tip, favor betting in singles, all right? As we’ve already explained in other videos, you really have to avoid the handsets with three games inside. We advise you not to exceed the two games in a handset. Why? Because the more you add games in your ticket. So you know that when you do a handset, odds are increasing. When you make two handsets, finally a handset of two, three games, with a rating of 2, it’s going to be 2 x 2 x 2. 2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8. That’s going to give you a rating of 8, d ‘agreement? Okay, you can do. You can make a lot of money with the combined bets, but by multiplying the odds, you also multiply your chances of losing, because the probability that the event to produce decreases at the same time.

Rich Santilli Author